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Can you sell something you can’t touch?

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Harry Beckwith, author of the legendary book on service marketing, Selling the Unseen, provides 5 valuable tips.

It must be remembered that service marketing is different from product marketing.

The main thing to understand for a service company is that it deals with consumer fears. Fear is due to the intangibility of the service. A service company needs to allay these fears, understand the customer, and put itself in their shoes.

To thrive, your product must go through 3 critical steps

The first stage is “necessary”. For example, at first it was enough for a car to drive. The second stage is “what you want”. Intense competition has forced car companies to think about driver comfort. But only the best companies in their product development come to the third stage, when the “imaginary” is important. Often the client’s imagination is not enough for new ideas, and you need to constantly surprise him.

Marketing is not a department, but your entire business, where every little thing matters

A company in the service sector must understand that it is not selling the knowledge and skills of its specialists, no matter how qualified they are, it is selling the attitude towards the client. You must be clear about what you are doing for the consumer and what makes you special.

Talk less about yourself, more about the client

All people are egocentric – our interests are important to us and we love to talk about ourselves, and many companies do the same. A service seller cannot afford this, the main thing for him is to understand his consumers.

People are irrational

They make decisions not at all on the basis of rational analysis; many of their decisions are irrational and subject to various kinds of distortions. Remember that it is not your job to present your offer as the best possible choice. Your job is to present it in a way that doesn’t make the client feel like you are a bad choice. To reassure the client, give him your service to try, for example, provide a grace period.

In order to be remembered by the client, constantly surprising him and anticipating desires, it is important to be very clear about how service marketing works.

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