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Digital Pharmacy Accreditation: All You Need to Know

There is a rise in the number of pharmaceutical companies today. They all possess credentials that validate their ability to engage customers offline. It’s a different thing to receive accreditation for online pharmaceutical services. While there are different agencies involved in the accreditation, there are rules that must be followed to be deserving of it.

The best online pharmacy stores reveal the precautions digital pharmacies can take to gain accreditation and support people during the pandemic. There are also rules and requirements from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Closely tied to this is the programs the association has set up to ensure the credibility of online pharmaceutical companies. The development of Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) in 1999 has been used to create an embargo on websites that violate safety standards and the practice of laws over medicines sale and medicine use.

Just as VIPPS regulate online medicine sale and use, NABP is the extension of the body in charge of digital pharmacy accreditation. This is why every pharmaceutical company must comply with their requirements and regulations to get accreditation and also function online. There are benefits to this compliance. Some of the benefits involved include:

  • The ability to engage in paid advertising on Bing search engines googled or yahoos.

  • The chance to use MasterCard or Visa for legitimate commercial Transactions.

  • Obtain a License to further legitimize your enterprise, etc.

Who Can Apply for Accreditation

To apply for the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation, you need to have a registered pharmacy domain. You also need to have a recognized pharmaceutical organization. Aside from pharmacies, pharmacy benefits managers (PMBS), pharmacy schools, wholesale distributors, medicine information, pharmacy referral sites, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers are also eligible to apply for this accreditation.

You also need to be located and licensed in the US. Aside from this, you must serve human patients, be licensed to prescribe medicines, own a website operating through a verified organization, and have an interactive section on your website where you engage patients in counseling.

To start an application for accreditation, you need to have the .pharmacy domain name which can only be obtained by license. You must also be in good standing with the laws and regulations applicable to the industry. If you engage in the sharing and maintenance of protected health information (PHI), you must ensure that you comply with privacy and security laws.

You must also be transparent. Although there is permission for affiliate links, they must be principal links with higher or similar entities.

Other Standards essential for accreditation include license and policy maintenance, compliance with federal and state laws on medicines, privacy and security guarantee of patients’ information, the privacy of communication, safe storage and shipping of medicines, quality improvement activities, and regularly report to the NABP.

In conclusion, every outlet that deals with legitimate sales and prescription of medicines are allowed to apply for the Digital Pharmacy Accreditation. With benefits such as licensing, the ability to engage in legitimate commercial activities and many others, you can improve the quality and legitimacy of your brand.