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How (un)healthy is the electronic cigarette? To date, almost every ‘expert’ has said something about it. An independent study by Public Health England – part of the UK Department of Health – shows that the e-cigarette is significantly less harmful. 95% percent, to be exact.

Less harmful

In the 111-page report, scientists conclude that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes. Many so-called dangers are punctured. For example, the absorption of nicotine is lower than when someone smokes a normal cigarette. Nevertheless, the body does absorb nicotine and that therefore poses a (small) health risk. An e-cigarette is said to contain aldehydes, such as formaldehyde, and some scientists have called an e-cigarette a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This is also incorrect. When the cartridges are extremely heated, aldehydes may be released, but this does not pose a health risk. The British researchers have looked at several studies and claim that many studies have not been carefully conducted. 

Explosion danger

Then there are still some risks left. For example, there is a chance that the e-cigarette catches fire or explodes. This can happen, for example, when an e-cigarette is charged with the wrong charger or due to a problem with the lithium battery. e cigarettesis cheap. In 2014, the British fire brigade had to respond 43 times to fires caused by e-cigarettes. Between January 1, 2014 and November 15, 2014, this was even 62 times.


Scientists from KU Leuven claim that e-cigarettes help to stop smoking. Smokers who decide to stop smoking, but do not use any aids, often fall back into their old pattern.

E-Liquid Poisoning

There is also a chance that someone will be poisoned by e-liquid. This is the liquid used in an e-cigarette. Young children in particular are often the victims. If you use an e-cigarette, it is good to store e-liquid properly. But of course this also applies to cleaning agents, dishwasher tablets and liquid caps for the washing machine.

Spread the word

The scientists recommend that family members, friends and colleagues point out the e-cigarette to smokers. In the UK, 44.8% of the population seems unaware that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than regular cigarettes. best e liquidsare found online. This may mean that many Dutch and Belgian smokers are not (yet) aware of the benefits of the e-cigarette.

Reactions from scientists

“E-cigarettes come with risks, but compared to smoking, the risks are actually negligible,” said Professor Kevin Fenton of Public Health England. “The big problem is that more and more people think that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as regular cigarettes.”

And what if someone really doesn’t like the e-cigarette? “I advise not to give up too quickly,” writes Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University in London. “It’s good to experiment with different products and e-liquids to find the right flavor.”