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FIFA 21: Nintendo Switch’s Bad Scores

The version of FIFA 21 for Nintendo Switch has been harshly criticized by gamers due to its gameplay details. The version adapted for the Japanese hybrid console has 0.1 in Metacritic, a very poor evaluation for the gamer community.

It happens that FIFA 21: Legacy Edition is a recycling version of FIFA 20 and this, in turn, of FIFA 19. Thousands expressed their disappointment in Metacritic, a web portal where specialists and the community can comment on the games of the moment.

The comments are the hardest, mainly from specialized pages such as IGN and Nintendo Life.

The web page IGN said, “If last year’s release was almost insulting, this year’s is simply disgraceful. EA, do better.”

Nintendo Life commented, “FIFA 21 is the last straw. After initially impressing us with FIFA 18 (despite being based on the previous year’s release, FIFA 17), EA has shut down entirely and made no effort to improve the series on Switch. By now giving us a second Legacy Edition, and at the same time removing previous games from the eShop to ensure this is the only option left, EA has inadvertently created another more realistic option: ignore this game entirely and do not deliver the money that it cost him so much to earn in exchange for being insulted “

FIFA 21 Legacy Edition is priced at $ 49.99 on the eShop. Nintendo Switch offers support for eight players and occupies a space of 13.7GB.

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(Contributed by Guillermo Bisbal; Edited by Hermes_Fang)