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First Gameplay Of FIFA 21 Career Mode Drops

With the FIFA 21 release date of October 6th approaching nearer and nearer, fans are beginning to get more hyped up about the latest instalment of the FIFA series set to drop in less than three weeks.

One of the things fans of the series have been most looking forward to is Career Mode, one of the game’s most eagerly anticipated game modes upon every release. This excitement had only built up when EA dropped the trailer for the mode on YouTube earlier last month.

Fans have eagerly awaited a closer look at Career Mode, and on Tuesday this wish had been fulfilled, with popular FIFA YouTuber MattHDGamer dropping a 51-minute video showcasing FIFA 21 Career Mode gameplay in all its glory.


Player Development

The main appeal of Career Mode is that it allows you to sign a young player and turn them from a novice into world-class football player. With this aspect being so vital to the experience, EA has really focused in on it and fully revamped the player development system to help you grow your player and squad to make the most out of them.

One new feature to this system is that the development of your player will depend on XP accumulation, which can vary based on a number of different factors such as their age, form, and growth potential.


Interactive Match Sim

With Interactive Match Sim, you can experience matches in Career Mode in a whole new different way. Step into the shoes of a Football Manager and watch a simulation of the whole match through an outside perspective, which allows you to adopt a more tactical view of the game and make important decisions by looking at the bigger picture.

If you grow tired of watching a 2x speed simulation of the game, however, then you can jump right back into the action at any point, bringing you back into a more traditional Career Mode experience.


Active Training

Training has seen its own overhaul, too, with the new ‘Active Training’ system introducing the ‘Training Day’. This day can take place at any point except for Match Days and will feature 3 different training slots, with each one focusing on a Drill that improves a certain aspect of the game, such as defence, dribbling and shooting.

Another change that has been made is the ability to train multiple players in one Drill (up to 15 players for each Training Day).

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