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The difference between Italian and American pizzas

Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? We know we do! Pizza originated from the area around the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of years ago, bread was baked to function as plates. One day, the Trojan hero Aeneas built a city on the place where he even ate his plate out of hunger. That was the day the pizza was born, but the pizza as we know it wouldn’t show up anywhere until the 17th century. In Napels, the pizzas were served to people who travelled to the poor part of the city to eat this dish. So, you could say that the pizza is an Italian dish. But, nowadays the American pizza is just as popular. We’ll tell you the difference between these two types of pizza.

The characteristics of an Italian pizza

The biggest difference between an Italian and an American pizza, is found in the crust. The Italian pizza crust is thin and crispy. The edge is supposed to be crispy but not dry. Then the crust is topped with a real tomato sauce, of course made from Italian tomatoes. The first and original Neapolitan pizzas didn’t have lots of toppings, mostly just tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and Italian herbs like oregano and basil. When the pizza started travelling across the rest of Italy, more toppings were added. Some of the most popular Italian pizzas are pizza quattro formaggi, pizza ai funghi and pizza salami.

The characteristics of an American pizza

An American pizza has a very different crust than an Italian pizza. The American pizza has a thick crust but is also crispy but soft on the inside. The crust is a lot thicker than the rest of the pizza, and sometimes the crust is even filled with ingredients like cheese or hotdogs! Typically American. The size of the pizza is also a big difference. The American pizzas are really big and are usually shared with multiple people, while you can perfectly eat an entire Italian pizza on your own. The most popular American style pizzas are the pizza Hawaii, BBQ chicken and pizza chicken pesto.

Other types of pizza

The pizza has travelled all around the world and has taken on different styles. The pita for example, is a Greek type of bread that is filled with meat and tzatziki sauce, but also originates from the Italian pizza. In Germany they make flammkuchen, a thin crust with crème fraiche, onions and bacon. In Turkey they serve there type of pizza, lahmacun.





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