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WOW Classic Items Added In Phase 5

Blizzard has added more content to WOW Classic day after day, we’re talking about this relaunch of a version of World of Warcraft that allows players to enjoy this title as they did during its first months of availability, eliminating practically all the updates that WOW has today.

Specifically, they added new objects regarding the phase 5 of the gameand the best players should take advantage of them to have a better performance in each game, since they change the game experience a lot and add new variants that can catch you off guard if you don’tknow them very well.

It should be noted that the objects are intended to be used at a distance by Casters and healers, so if the role in your team is to give support or you always choose to be the backup in each battle, these new additions may interest you a lot.

Here we leave you the objects by their classifications:

  • Alchemy.

Elixir of Greater Firepower increases spell damage up to 40 points for 30 minutes and you can find its recipe by looting Dark Iron Masters or Dark Iron Slaves.

This item is a kind of equivalent to the Firepower Elixir that was so attractive to wizards who wanted to improve its destructive power with fire, but with that slight modification that makes it even more interesting in WOW Classic.


  • Cooking.

The item added in this topic is called Dirge’s Fabulous Chili Peppers from Quimerok, which have the power to restore 2,550 health points over 30 seconds. Additionally, you will get the “Well Fed” buff just for eating for 10 seconds, which will give you 25 Stamina points for 15 minutes.

The recipe can be found as a reward from Dirge’s Fabulous Chili Pepper quest from Quimerok, you can easily locate it in the quest line.

Now, cooking is the best option to increase resistance, so you must consider it essential during your matches, as much or more than buying WOW Classic gold to improve your skills.


  • Enchantment.

In terms of enchantment, a large number of oils have been added that will allow you to enhance your weapons and will maintain their effects even after the death of your character.

Bright Mage Oil: Restores 12 mana every 5 seconds and increases healing effects by up to 25 for 30 minutes.

Shining Mage Oil: Increases critical hit chance by 1% for 30 minutes and increases spell damage by up to 36 points.

Mage Oil: Increases spell damage up to a maximum of 24 points for 30 minutes. You can buy it at Cenarion Fort.

Inferior recipes:

MinorMana Oil: Restores 4 mana over 5 seconds for 30 minutes.

MinorMana Oil: Restores 8 mana over 5 seconds for 30 minutes.

Minor Mage Oil: Boosts spell damage by up to 8 points for 30 minutes.

Minor Mage Oil: Increases spell damage by up to 16 for 30 minutes.

Finally, it should be clarified that all these inferior recipes can be bought from the enchantment providers of the main capitals, so they are relatively accessible.

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(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)